High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Jetting Machine



TPS Infrastructure offers world class and modern high pressure jetting pumps and machines that can improve the drainage flow and can clean sewers effectively. We offer our valuable clients the high pressure jetting machine variants that can remove blockages found in sewer lines in the least of time, and be mounted on vehicles, and are effective in removing blockages from sewers of many different sizes. The water spray nozzle of the sewer jetting machine may work at a high pressure of up to 175 bar (or even more) and can be effective towards removing the blocked and choked sewer/drainage lines in the least of time.

The drain cleaning machine not only removes blockages but also effectively washes away all debris present within the pipes. The key benefit of using this type of drain cleaning machine is that it is less labor-intensive in comparison to mechanical rodding machines. The high pressure jetting machinemaintains a constant cleaning power and working pressures to ensure the best results.

Our drain cleaning machine has another advantage over the rodding machines. This machine is engineered to effortlessly clear even the toughest blockages in pipes and drains. Equipped with powerful motors and flexible cables, our drain cleaning machine efficiently removes debris, grease, and obstructions, ensuring optimal water flow and preventing future plumbing issues. In areas where access is difficult, the flexible and lightweight jet hose of the high pressure jetting machine is a more practical and safe option. Cleaning pipelines and vertical stacks becomes easy and convenient with this equipment.

Our jetting machine for sewer also provides for speed related variability (in multiple different settings) so that you can effectively control, and optimize your process and job flow while reducing wastage. The leading of all sewer jetting machine manufacturers in India bring to you the best and multi-featured jetting machine sewer cleaning for all process scenarios.


The multiple features of our class-leading high pressure jetting machine help you overcome the obstacles in the least of time. Our sewer jetting machine offers you advantages and features including:

  • Truck mounting capability of jetting machine for sewer.
  • Pump having an adjustable pressure regulation valve and feature. Our machines also contain the integrated pressure gauge and safety valve.
  • The reciprocating pump that can be driven by the truck PTO.
  • High pressure calibrated hoses that are a very heavy duty and can be relied upon.
  • A heavily fabricated suction tank of the capacity you want.
  • Hose reels of the high pressure jetting machine that can be operated hydraulically.
  • Presence of an additional cleaning nozzle and gun in the sewer jetting machine provides for more localized cleaning.
  • Sewer cleaning nozzle for both forward as well as backward cleaning.

Our skilled technicians and expert engineers contribute their precious efforts towards manufacturing of these truck mounted high-pressure fluid jetting machine for sewer. Our drain cleaning machine can be operated easily, require the least of maintenance and also offer optimum performance over a long period of time. The popular amongst all sewer jetting machine manufacturers in India offer you jetting machine sewer cleaning in various sizes so that our clients do not have to spend excessively, and can procure the best solution in the most affordable price range and segment.

TPS infrastructure, the internationally recognized amongst sewer jetting machine manufacturers in India, also offers its client after Sales Service support so that any problem can be overcome in the list of time and at any place the client desires.Our customer support team are ready to provide quick assistance and ensure that the jetting machine sewer cleaning equipment is up and running in less time. We also have availability of all kinds of spare parts associated with jetting machine sewer cleaning we offer, and hence our clients can always complete their projects in time without any hiccups and short Falls.

Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine

A Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine, often known as a combination truck or sewer cleaning truck, is a specialized vehicle designed for the efficient maintenance and cleaning of sewer systems and drainage networks. This versatile machine combines two critical functions in a single unit: suction and high-pressure water jetting. Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine is essential tool for municipalities and utility companies, as they help prevent blockages, backups, and reduce the risk of sewage overflow, ensuring the smooth operation of urban infrastructure and the protection of public health and the environment.

The Heavy Duty Truck Mounted Vacuum Loader with High Pressure Jetting System is suitable for dislodging the Silt/Sludge settled in the trunk sewer lines and for suctioning the free flowing sludge and slurry for De-silting the trunk Sewer Pipelines.

The Suction cum Jetting Machine is one of the most efficient and powerful machine of its kind available in the International Market, incorporating state-of-art Filter System, positive displacement Vacuum Pump driven through an Auxiliary Engine, Jetting Pump and Control System.

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Sewer Jetting Machine

The jetting machine sewer cleaning equipment is a Truck Mounted Mobile Unit suitable for dislodging and removing obstructions and blockages from sewer lines by a High Pressure Water Jetting System.

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Mini Jetting Machine

The above Jetting Machine is suitable for Dislodging and removing obstruction and blockages from household Sewer line by High Pressure Water Jetting System. Our reliable, lightweight drain cleaning machine is designed to ensure effective and efficient cleaning.

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