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The Class-Leading Features Of TPS Industrial Vaccum Cleaner Range

TPS infrastructure brings to you the best of industrial cleaners that possess efficient and powerful turbines and strong frame, and are fit for heavy duty applications. You can comfortably accomplish both dry and wet applications and achieve astounding return on your investment. You should only procure a product offered by arguably one of the best industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India, that is ISO certified and trustworthy.

We are consistently ranked among the best industrial pollution control equipment and industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India. An industrial vacuum cleaning machine is a powerful and essential tool in various manufacturing, construction, and commercial settings. Designed to handle large-scale cleaning tasks, these machines are equipped with robust motors and high-capacity tanks, making them capable of efficiently and effectively removing dust, debris, and contaminants from industrial spaces. Our industrial vacuum cleaning machine boasts of high-quality steel, and are long-term counterparts that assist you in your quest for excellence, safety and hygiene. Our next generation Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning Machine offer to you advantages including:

  • Beautiful and suitable large wheel plates of a new design and style.
  • Durable and strong stainless tank.
  • Equipped with a motor that causes the least of noise but is highly powerful.
  • A range of accessories that make your job time-saving and more comfortable, and that come along with the cleaner free of cost.
  • Suitable cable length, hose and tank diameter, and variable capacity so that all kinds of industrial cleaning processes can be undertaken and perfectly accomplished in the least time period.
  • Strong suction capability for effectively accomplishing all kinds of cleaning processes in the most adverse of scenarios.
  • A direct flow orientation and action provides for faster completion of cleaning process.
  • Varying tank capacities to choose from.

The best of all industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India offers you vacuum cleaners that can are easily attachable. You can clean a wide range of materials while witnessing the least of wear and time consumption. The filters provide for a clean and hygienic surroundings. Hence our industrial cleaners are also potent, effective, and efficient towards ensuring the safety and health of your industrial environment and employees. The noise-free operation and capacity to clean the abrasive materials including metal chips, garnett, sand and shots make our product highly versatile. It can also be used for conducting the general kind of application including vacuuming of machines, floor, industrial machinery works, workstations and equipment.

We are certified, reputed and the leading amongst industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India, with an exceptionally wide client base spanning across nations and regional boundaries. A team of qualified engineers and techies create the world-class products that can be potent towards cleaning for long-term, and are popular across a range of industries.

Truck mounted Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Truck Mounted Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine is self-contained units in all aspects and suitable for suctioning free-flowing powdered and granular material, either directly into the machine container through a hand-held suction hose connected to the machine collector body or through a Centralized Pipeline System.A truck-mounted vacuum cleaning machine is a powerful and efficient cleaning apparatus designed to tackle a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning tasks. These impressive machines are typically mounted on the back of a truck for mobility and convenience. Equipped with a high-capacity vacuum system, Truck mounted vacuum Cleaning Machine excel at extracting dirt, debris, and other contaminants from various surfaces, such as carpets, upholstery, and even hard floors. Their superior suction capabilities make them indispensable for deep cleaning and restoration projects in large facilities, including offices, hotels, and industrial sites. These Truck mounted vacuum Cleaning Machine is a testament to modern cleaning technology, offering both convenience and effectiveness in the quest for cleaner and healthier environments.

Our Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning Machine comes with a robust design and advanced features. Built with the latest technologies, the truck mounted vacuum sweeper is capable of effectively matching the requirements of mechanical sweeping of different areas. The durable brushes of the cleaner ensure top quality cleaning performance. The truck mounted vacuum sweeper is ideal for heavy duty sweeping application on highways and industrial municipal roads.

As a leader in the industry, we provide the best Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning Machine at competitive prices. Our truck mounted vacuum sweeper is designed to operate for longer periods without any interruption.

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  • Rail cum Road Vehicle

    The machine is a Rail-cum-Road Vehicle Mounted Vacuum Suction Unit self-contained in all aspects and is suitable for suctioning free flowing powdered and granular materials either directly into the machine container through a hand held Suction Hose connected to the machine or through the Centralized Pipeline Systems.

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  • Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Machines

    The Centralized pipeline systems are installed in these machines for cleaning of the Multi-storied Building like Cement Plants, Packing House, Crushing and Screening Plants, Boiler House etc. The material is suctioned through the centralized pipeline system for further recycling/disposal.

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  • Stationary Vacuum Cleaning Machine

    Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

    We are manufacturing machines ranging from 7.5 Kw to 200 Kw. TPS manufactures Truck Mounted / Trailer / Stationary Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines along with centralized pipeline system with cyclone and filter hoppers for cleaning multi storied Industrial Buildings in Steel plants, Cement plants, Aluminum plants, Ports, Mines etc.

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