Tipper Trucks Manufacturer


Robust Tipper Truck Range

TPS Infrastructure Ltd. offers to you a world-class tipper truck range that can be used for transporting a wide variety of loose materials including gravel, sand, wastes and others. Our robust and feature-laden garbage tipper truck products and vehicles are used in construction, mining, and other industries and are also popular across civic bodies of India.

Garbage tipper trucks are equipped with a hydraulically operated container that can be tilted or tipped to unload the collected waste efficiently. This design allows for the easy and sanitary disposal of trash, reducing the physical strain on sanitation workers and improving overall efficiency in the waste removal process. Garbage tipper trucks come in various sizes and configurations to suit the specific needs of different municipalities, ensuring the effective management of urban waste and contributing to cleaner, more sustainable communities.

Best of Advantages and Features

We offer you many effective garbage tipper truck varieties that are easy towards operation, require the least maintenance and have a long service period. Our tipper truck can also be used for lifting the garbage bins and wastage (through the integrated features) and provides for effective door-to-door collection of waste. Available in many different sizes and capacities, TPS Infrastructure offers to you reliable transportation machines that have the technologically superior hydraulic systems towards loading and de-loading. Other features of our internationally acclaimed and popular garbage tipper truckrange include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Available in multiple “litre” capacities and sizes to suit any kind of particular application and job process.
  • Onsite repair and maintenance services, and availability of all kinds of service and spare parts. We are known to provide customer friendly and round-the-clock after sales support.
  • Error-free and comfortable operation
  • Excellent performance
  • Compact design.
  • Reliability

TPS infrastructure brings to you secure garbage tipper truckrange that offers maximum value for your investment while being low on maintenance. We are a reputed name in the pollution control equipment and special purpose vehicle segment as well. TPS offers to you world-class garbage tipper truckproducts that are known for their quality and are a result of meticulous efforts of our technicians engineers and R&D (Research and Development) team.

Solid Waste Transfer Station

The offered Waste Transfer Station is designed to receive garbage from Primary Collection Vehicles (Auto Tippers, Truck Tippers, Refuse Compactors, Dumper Placers etc.) compaction and transportation to the Processing Plant/Dumping Ground.

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Fixed Compactor Transfer Station (FCTS)

The Transfer Station Fixed Compactor Comprise of a hydraulic compaction unit and detachable roll-on-roll-off con

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Ace Tipper

Mini garbage tipper truckcan be used for door-to-door collection of Garbage. The design of the tipping hopper is in such a manner that the garbage can be unloaded directly into the Refuse Compactor or the existing secondary storage containers without any spillage.

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