Solid Waste Management Equipments




Truck Mounted Refuse Compactors:-

The Refuse Compactor Vehicles are the solid waste collection equipment designed for lifting and unloading the garbage from garbage bins/containers, compaction transportation to dumping ground/transfer stations/processing plants. The Refuse compactor are having container volume of 8 Cu.m., 14 Cu.m. & 18 Cu.m. mounted on standard truck chassis of 11/16/25 Ton GVW Truck Chassis.

All the three Compactors are fitted with Universal Bin Lifter capable of unloading garbage from 240 Ltrs, 660 Ltrs. and 1100 Ltrs. Bins. The Compactors of 14 Cu.m. & 18 Cu.m. container volume are also provided with Dumper Placer Arms and Stabilizers which can unload garbage from 3500 ltrs. Bins.

The compactor is provided with Automatic Compaction Cycle having following features:-
  • The Compaction Operation started by an Electric Push Button and the compaction mechanism operates continuously till switched off. This ensures reduce time for compaction and safety of operators.
  • Compaction is possible when the Vehicle is travelling from one place to another with permits door to door collection of garbage and saving in standby compaction time.
  • Compaction Cycle Control through Pressure Sensing Sequential Valves to ensure optimum compaction.
Garbage Compactor 3 Basic Models to choose from.
Model Volume Chassis GVW


6-7 m3

11 Tons


12-14 m3

16 Tons


18-20 m3 

25 Tons

  • Portable Compactor

    A Portable Compactor is an integral Unit comprising of a Compactor and a Container Body Mounted on a frame with rollers and is designed to be transported by specially designed Hook Loader Unit, which is driven to the dumping ground/processing plant for discharge of compacted garbage

    The Portable Compactors are designed for installation at street corners (Dhallows) to receive Solid Waste from handcart (approx. 5 to 6 handcart)/ 2 to 3 tri-cycle rickshaws) at a time into a bucket, unload and compact the same hydraulically into the container body.

    The above arrangement of solid waste collection equipment is a hygienic and mechanized solution to existing collection system (Dhallows) being used in Delhi.

    Some of the salient features of the offered municipal solid waste management equipment system are given below:-
    • In the conventional method of handling garbage, the garbage is stored in bins for long hours before the Garbage is picked up by Compactors creating foul smell. In case of effective solid waste management machinery and equipment like Portable Compactors, the Garbage is compacted as it comes and kept in a closed container and therefore foul smell is minimal.
    • In rainy season, water enters the storage bins and the area around the bins becomes a breeding center for mosquitoes and flies causing health hazard for the people living and working around garbage collection centers.
    • The Portable Compactors as effective solid waste management machines are installed in a covered area and is protected from rain. The Leachate generated during compaction of the garbage is probably handled and does not allow breeding of mosquitoes and flies. The Garbage is transferred to the dumping ground in a clean and hygienic manner.
    • These solid waste management machines are ideally suited for installation in areas where large quantity of garbage is generated such as Vegetable Markets, Large Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, and Malls etc.
    • The one Hook Loader equipment is sufficient to handle 2 to 3 Portable Compactors depending upon the lead upto the Dumping Yard / Processing Plant. The setup acts as an effective way to implement municipal solid waste management equipment system.

  • Stationary Compactor

    The Transfer Station Stationary Compactor as effective solid waste management machinery and equipment is suitable for receiving municipal Solid Waste from Waste Collection Vehicles, compacting and loading into Roll-on-Roll off containers.

    Each Stationary Compactor is provided with a Rail Mounted Container change over system for placing empty container and shifting loaded container when detached from the Stationary Compactor. Each traversing system is designed to handle two number Roll-on-Roll Off Containers.

    Each Stationary Compactor shall be provided with a receiving hopper to receive the garbage from primary collection vehicles and to discharge the same in the charge hopper of the Stationary Compactor.

  • Hook Loader

    TPS Hook Loaders are capable of handling Roll-on Roll-off skip containers upto 25Cu.M capacity. The Hook Lifters are designed to lift loaded or empty skip containers from the ground and transporting them to dumping yard for the discharge of the dumping material. This is done through the hydraulic tipping of the container.

    Hook Loader Containers as municipal solid waste management equipment system are an open / closed type mild, steel welded containers of 12 to 20 Cubic Meters capacity. It has a rear dump discharge door and is equipped with rollers and hooks having roll-on / roll-off facilities which are specifically designed for loading, transporting, tipping and unloading of these containers through a truck mounted hook loader.

  • Solid Waste Transfer Station

    The offered Waste Transfer Station is designed to receive garbage from Primary Collection Vehicles (Auto Tippers, Truck Tippers, Refuse Compactors, Dumper Placers etc.) compaction and transportation to the Processing Plant/Dumping Ground.

    As one of the best solid waste management equipment manufacturers in India, our professionals stay informed with the latest developments and advancements in the solid waste management machines that are taking place in the industry all over the world.

    The offered System operating on two shift basis can handle 300-400 Tons of Garbage per day depending upon the distance from the transfer stations.

    One set of equipment include the following:-


    Static Compactor Unit fitted with hydraulic vertical locking mechanism and hydraulic compaction container coupling


    Container traversing station


    Receiving Hopper 30 Cu.M Capacity


    Hook Loader Mounted on 25 Tons GVW Truck Chassis


    18 Cu.M Volume Roll-On/Roll-Off suitable for handling with Hook Loaders.

  • Underground Bin Container System

    Reinforced concrete underground bunker

    Each Steel Waste Collection container/bin is installed in a reinforced concrete underground bunker suitable for accommodating 02 Nos. Waste Collection Bins, each having a Capacity of 3 Cu.m.

    Steel Underground Containere

    The Steel Waste collection Container has a volume of 3000 Ltrs. and is made out of corrosion resistant high strength steel. The container is provided with 2 Nos. bottom discharge gates which are also made up of corrosion resistant steel plates. The design of discharge gates is such a way that it has a container system for collecting leachate as Indian Solid Waste has approx. 40% to 50% Moisture content. The discharge gates are hinged to the main structure of the container and it can be opened/closed by means of specially designed tie rod and lever system which are also made up of corrosion resistant steel.

    The top of the container (roof or hat) is made of corrosion resistant steel and is designed in such a manner as to accommodate roof covering which may consist of nonslip chequered steel/nonslip antiskid tiles/pavement block to match with the pavement block around the underground bunker..

    The underground container does not have any external elements except a “mail box transfer turret”, which can be used for depositing waste bags etc. inside the container. The lifting arrangement of the container is totally concealed below the “mail box transfer turret” and is accessible only at the time of lifting of the container by horizontal sliding of the body of the turret.

  • Fixed Compactor Transfer Station (FCTS)

    The Transfer Station Fixed Compactor Comprise of a hydraulic compaction unit and detachable roll-on-roll-off conThe Transfer Station Fixed Compactor Comprise of a hydraulic compaction unit and detachable roll-on-roll-off container and is suitable for receiving municipal Solid Waste from Small Garbage Tipper/Hand Cart / Tri Cycle Rickshaw, compacting and loading into Roll-on-Roll off containers.

    The Roll On – Roll off Containers are detachable type, when filled, only the container portion travels to the dumping ground with the help of Hook Loader. While one container is taken to the dumping ground another Roll On – Roll Off container will be attached to the Compaction Unit so that the system is able to continue receiving garbage without any break.

    Fixed Compactor Transfer Station Of Various Size and Capacities

    Model No. -

    Roll on Roll off Container Volume

    Hook Loader Required


    10 - 12  CUM

    Truck Mounted Hook Loader Mounted On 16 Ton GVW Truck Chassis


    16 - 18 CUM

    Truck Mounted Hook Loader Mounted On 25 Ton GVW Truck Chassis


    20 -22 CUM

    Truck Mounted Hook Loader Mounted On 31 Ton GVW Truck Chassis

  • Skip Loader/Dumper Placer

    The Skip Loader / Dumper Placer is a truck mounted equipment with hydraulically operated arms and lifting mechanism designed for lifting, transportation, tipping, lowering of garbage bins of 3 to 8 Cubic Meters capacities.
    • Sturdy
    • Time saving
    • High performance
    • Time efficiency
  • Garbage Bins

    The Garbage Collection Bins shall be of proven design in operation for a minimum period of 5 years and manufactured by an established manufacturer having certified Quality Assurance System as per ISO 9001-2008 having experience of manufacturing at least 5000 Nos. of similar Bins.

    The Garbage Collection Container are of 1100 Ltrs Capacity. They are closed type hygienic Containers. The container construction is of Pressed Steel Sections to ensure adequate structural strength required for handling it with the Compactor Bin Lifter. Also, the container is designed to be lightweight and with the facility to be easily handled by two Bin Handlers. The meets the DIN standards and are compatible with the RCV Bin Handlers.

  • Ace Tipper

    Mini Garbage Tipper can be used for door-to-door collection of Garbage. The design of the tipping hopper is in such a manner that the garbage can be unloaded directly into the Refuse Compactor or the existing secondary storage containers without any spillage. The Load Body will have one tipping bucket of minimum 1.7 Cu.M. Capacity.